Everyday I get amused by the similar traits me and my fellow kind display. For instance, "Um... explain how you got from point A to point B again..." It's not that I didn't understand the first time round, I was probably distracted with something that required less focusing, plus following directions/instructions has never really been my forte. ;P
I can only trust Duchess sometimes. She won't gimme crap and I already know she is not very smart so my expectations of her is minimum. So yes, she has a handicap advantage. That said, if you feel your intelligence is only comparable to my dog, let me know, I'll give you that handicap too.
"I'm not sure I've known any ENFPs, but how would you best describe their personality in action? They typically move around a lot from people to people? Sounds like a party host who talks to all the guests... " says Horatio. Wahahahaha pretty much accurate. ;x
"I have one ex-friend ENFP, one current friend ENFP, BIL is an ENFP and my youngest son is an ENFP. In the following respect they are all the same: they want to be part of the most exciting thing "at the moment." So when the fun is over, they are very quick to move on," says Sriracha. Depends on the context, but generally true. I personally don't linger around so as not to pick up any negativity. I can't afford to be demoralized... guess that's why my shields are pretty much in full defensive mode right now.
As my peers, I have this subtle expectation you fulfil your role better than I do. If you can't achieve that, don't even think about gaining any form of respect from me. The world is ever changing, don't expect to be sitting on that throne of your's for eternity. Congrats, you've successfully hit my list of useless people.

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