I know many would disagree with me on this but my believe still stands. The core of a platform should be simplistic, then using modules/plugins/apps or whatever you wanna call it to "complicate" it. Allowing users/developers to have the opportunity to explore alternatives/possibilities to create upon it. If a platform allows others to build upon it and create a business/community/etc, that's sustainability. Complexity somehow causes restriction, lowers potential and decreases scalability.
IQ question: There are 12 marbles, 1 is of a different weight (donno if it's heavier or lighter than the rest), you need to find out which is the odd one out. You have 1 scale to help you with the task, but you can only use the scale 3 times. How are you gonna go about it? Hahahahahahahahaa
Duchess is simply adorable. Whenever I'm feeling down, she would just sit beside me with her head on my lap. She doesn't bark or seek attention, just quietly accompanies me. It's kinda ridiculous, but I can't help but feel a little discomfort knowing that he's not well...

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